A new endorsement and a new message framing for HIV/AIDS in the Black community

The NAACP and the Black church communities have joined forces to create a guide on communicating HIV/AIDS prevention topics in the church setting.  This NAACP endorsement for a faith-based HIV campaign may serve as a monumental force in changing social norms and reducing the stigma surrounding AIDS/HIV in the Black community. Research has shown that religiosity plays a significant role in health beliefs, behaviors, determinants, and outcomes (Bailey, 2002).  Religion plays a particularly crucial role in the African American community, where the black church represents one of the most revered and influential institutions, serving as a forum for political and social expression, including health care topics.  This centrality of religion in health beliefs and behaviors makes the Black church a credible and culturally sensitive vehicle for health communication campaigns.

I applaud this bold move made by the NAACP and the Black church, and believe the combined support of these two powerful institutions can have significant impact in reducing the stigma, debunking myths, and encouraging dialogue about HIV/AIDS in the Black Community. The framing of this campaign as a social justice endeavor compliments the historical role of Black church and also works to rally community involvement in eradicating HIV.  This particular message framing may serve as a valuable framework for other health disparity interventions and promotions that are relevant to African Americans.


Introduction to Myself and My Blog

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”
Arabian Proverb

Hi Readers,

Health communication is about informing, influencing, and improving health outcomes at both an individual and community level.  I am very passionate about how various forms of communication shape health perceptions and behaviors. I want to use this blog as an opportunity to post my ideas and rants about health media and policy and also encourage engagement from other young and up-and-coming health communication professionals like myself.

A recent graduate in MA Health Communications, I’m excited about taking a break from scholarly writing and  instead writing in a more creative, possibly humorous, and less censored fashion.  Feel free to contribute content that is apropos for a young Health Comm Enthusiast.  Hope to meet more health comm freaks too!